How to File KRA Nil Returns

How to File KRA Tax Return Online for unemployed

Step by Step guide on how to Fill Tax return for the unemployed Nil Return and the employed.

Did you know that if you don’t file KRA tax return form whether you are employed or not you will be fined a penalty of Kshs 2,000? This is not a onetime fine and yet you can avoid it.

Below is a step by step guide on how to go about it and avoid unnecessary fines.


Step 1.

Type  and you be directed  to the KRA portal where you will enter your KRA Pin.

Enter and log in with your iTax password. If you have forgotten your password, retrieve one using „ FORGOT PASSWORD‟ option on the bottom right of the iTax portal page.

Your Password Will Be Send To Your Email. Use it to Change to your Preferred Password. Agree With the Website Disclaimer  and Password Policy and Submit to Proceed.

Step 2.

After Login. You will be directed to your iTax Portal as shown below.

Step 3.

Place your cursor (mouse pointer) on the ‘RETURNS” page and a drop down menu will appear.

Below the drop down menu you will see “FILE NIL RETRUNS.” For the unemployed that is where you are supposed to click and you will be directed to a page that looks like the one below.

NB//**  Enter Tax obligation: Income Tax-Resident Individual

Step 4.

The click Next and you be directed a page like this below

WIFE PIN: (Leave blank if you don’t have one filing returns)

Return Period: 01/01/2019     (Autofilled)

Return Period: 31/12/2019

 (this section will be filled for you automatically on your portal)

Enter the Date of PIN Opening if Not Auto Filled as indicated in your PIN Certificate.

Step 5.

Click Submit.  On successful submission, the message below will be displayed….

Congratulation. You are Done

Download the PDF File For your Future Reference.