How to File Withholding Tax Returns

How to file Withholding Tax returns

I will explain a step by step procedure on how to File Withholding tax returns of Kra Itax portal

Step 1.

Type  and you be directed  to the KRA portal where you will enter your KRA Pin.

Enter and log in with your iTax password.

Step 2

Once you have logged in, Place your cursor (mouse pointer) on the ‘RETURNS” page and a drop down menu will appear.

Below the drop down menu you will see “FILE  RETRUNS as the first option.

Enter Tax obligation: Income Tax-Resident Individual

Step 3

You will need to download the IT1 excel form, on which you will fill in your earning and tax details.

Step 4

You will then need to declare the withheld amount in lump sum in the Tax computation sheet (Row 23).

Step 5

Go back to Sheet B and declare the gross amount you earned in the period you are filing your withholding tax from. You can refer to the P9 form provided to you by your employer to avoid making mistakes.

Step 6

On Sheet B as well, you will need  to declared any expenses if any. These will determine if you or KRA owe each other on the Tax Computation sheet.

Step 7

Go to Sheet C and balance it with any figure greater than 1, such that net assets equals net liabilities.

Step 8

Validate the excel sheet and upload it on the itax in STEP 3 , Accept the terms and condition. Click Submit.  On successful submission, the message below will be displayed…

Congratulation. You are Done

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