Solutions for Windows 10 Crashes

Solutions for Windows 10 Crashes Issues after Anniversary Update

The Anniversary Update can be one of the most expected updates for Windows 10; however, unfortunately, it came with many stability problems for users. If you’re facing the Windows 10 PC crashing or freezing problems after installing the Anniversary Update, it’s advised to try all workarounds from this article. If you get any additional queries, be sure to contact the Windows 10 customer support experts for the resolution.

Though the Anniversary Update is a necessary part of the Windows 10 operating system, it also comes with various problems, such as system freezes and crashes after installation. Many users have reported that their PCs boots usually into Windows 10 after installing updates, with everything functioning properly for 20 seconds. Subsequently, the mouse freezes and an error message appears stating that the ‘Windows is not responding.’ Aside from freezing, users also face the Windows 10 crashing issue along with Blue Screen errors. Fortunately, there are a few possible workarounds that you can refer before contacting the Windows 10 support phone number for help.

Fix 1 – Enter Safe Mode

On the occasion of Windows 10 crash, and freeze issues, one way to avoid that happening is to run Safe Mode. It can be the best to find the correct reason for problems and work efficiently without any problems. To enter Safe Mode, here’s the process:

1. Reboot your computer in the boot sequence to start the Automatic Repairing procedure.
2. Select the ‘Troubleshoot,’ and then the ‘Advanced’ options, followed by the ‘Startup’ settings. Click the ‘Restart’ option.
3. Once your Computer reboots, select Safe Mode with networking option by pressing the right key.

Fix 2 – Try updating again using Anniversary Update ISO files

One of the resolutions you can try is to download the Build 1607 ISO file and try to install Anniversary Update with that ISO file. Before trying, always return to the previous build or else the procedure won’t run. To download ISO files, check that you have a blank USB or DVD drive and Media Creation Tool. After creating the bootable USB flash drive, place the CD into your PC, run the setup.exe file and install the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

Fix 3 – Install C++ Redistributable Package and .NET Framework 3.5

It is possible that both Windows 10 crashing and freezing problems can be resolved by installing the .NET Framework 3.5 and C++ Redistributable Packages. Windows 10 and various third-party programs depend on these components to work, so make sure to download them via the developer’s site. It could be the best approach to fix these issues efficiently.

Fix 4 – Run the SFC /scan now check

If you’re facing Windows 10 freezes or crashes after the Anniversary Update installation, you might require performing a SFC scan, which is intended to ensure the update and repair any corrupted files. Check these steps to do a SFC scan:
1. Press Windows + X keys to launch Power User menu. Choose Command Prompt from the list.
2. Once it appears, input the SFC /scan now and press the ‘Enter’ key. Wait till the scan is finished.
Using this scan tool, you can fix different computer issues, including hardware failure, malware, and file loss.

Fix 5 – Turn off Secure Boot from BIOS

Disabling the Secure Boot via BIOS, it’s possible to repair the issue. To do so, type BIOS, find Secure Boot tool and make it to disabled. For additional details how to enter the BIOS and disable Secure Boot, check the motherboard user manual steps.

Fix 6 – Turn off AppXsvc from Registry Editor

Turning off AppXsvc in Registry Editor solves both crashing and freezing problems. To do so, use Safe Mode and check this process:
1. Press Windows + R keys, type regedit, and press Enter.
2. Once Registry Editor appears, find the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMControlSet001 ServicesAppXsvc key in the left corner. Navigate to the Start DWORD on the right side and double-click it.
3. Save the Value data to 4 and then click OK. Exit Registry Editor and reboot your PC.

Fix 7 – Roll back to the previous Update

If computer freezes and crashes still exist, you should try to go back to the earlier Windows 10 update. You can revert to the previous build via the Settings app or the advanced startup. If you are unaware of how to roll back to the previous build, it’s suggested to check the Microsoft website to find necessary steps to uninstall Windows 10 Anniversary Update and revert to the previous build.