Track A Lost Phone in Kenya

The current phone tracking systems in Kenya have not adequately addressed the issues but serve best for its place. After losing the phone, the thief shuts it down, disposes off sim cards, and flashes the phone to remove any details of the previous owner.

Before going ahead to spend money on a third-party anti-theft solution for your Android device, make sure you have checked that your device’s maker does not have something you can use to achieve the same goal.

Here are some of the ways to do it.

  1. The IMEI Method

Every smartphone has a unique IMEI number assigned to it ,

you can access your phone IMEI by dialing *#06#.

Your phone’s 15-digit IMEI number is displayed, write it down and keep it safe for future reference.

You can also retrieve the IMEI number by removing the battery. It is usually listed on a white sticker along with the phone’s serial number.

When you lose your handset, you will need to launch a FIR with the police, attaching a copy of the IMEI number with it.

Then give a copy of this to your service provider who can track the phone based on its unique ID number and meanwhile block the handset so that it cannot be used by anyone else.

IMEI number helps to tracks the handset, even when the SIM is changed or the SIM card is not activated. Once the phone is traced, the police should be able to retrieve it.


      2. Using Android device manager

Phone users are expected to download and install android device manager on their devices for security reasons.

As such tracking is relatively tricky to do, Google was prompted to design Find My Phone to add user convenience.

Some phone manufacturers do not include ADM making it almost impossible for novice tech users to benefits from such a spectacular security product.

Find My Phone and Android Device Manager are two parallel programs used interchangeably without compromise.

    3. Using Avast! mobile security

This free invisible security app brings twin security measures for your handset by providing

– a mobile antivirus and mobile tracking/controls solution.

What is great about the app is that its anti-theft component is invisible to thieves, and provides remote options

(via web portal or SMS commands)

for locating and recovering your phone. Time to say goodbye to ‘lost’ phones.


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